The Dream Is Alive

11.20.11 6 years ago 32 Comments

WELP. At least one more week of analysts wondering aloud whether the Eagles can turn it around. This game also answers Ufford’s black Tebow Photoshop post. The answer is, of course, Vince Young. Hell, Vince Young was black Tebow even before Tebow came into the league.

Nevertheless, more Eagles hype might actually be worth it for this latest dose of Manningface. CAN’T SPELL FAILURE WITHOUT ELI.

Also, NBC has the worst brand loyalty of any network broadcasting the NFL. Costas makes a habit of holding his nose while announcing what’s going to be on “Today” the following morning as he’s signing off. And now Collinsworth muttered “no thanks” after a “Fear Factor” promo coming out of a commercial break. If NBC’s authority weren’t being flouted by such pompous assholes like Costas and Collinsworth, it would actually be refreshing.

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