The Neil O’Dometer Will Meet All Your Average Needs

05.23.12 6 years ago 29 Comments

After reading KSK’s 100 most average players post, reader Matt wrote in to let us know of a semi-annual ritual and he and his buddies have done: compiling the Neil O’Dometer, a ranking system of quarterbacks with famed destroyer of Ape’s teenage years, Neil O’Donnell, as the baseline of average quarterback play. When Matt saw that we also determined that Kyle Orton to be the current carrier of the most average torch, he decided to share.

The version pictured above is from early 2010, so a few of the present day QB rankings are a bit out of whack. For instance, Aaron Rodgers is ranked below Jake Delhomme (!!!). I also contend that Mark Rypien is placed way too high in the all-time rankings, but saying that made Unsilent all pissy. Nevertheless, we appreciate knowing that others are out there fighting the middling fight for the sake of the average.

And because we’re dicks, we wanted to feature the worst suggestions we got from readers for the average players list, so here goes: Jay Novacek, Frank Wycheck, Al Wilson, Al Harris, Eli Manning, Jerome Bettis, Warrick Dunn, Curtis Martin, Plaxico Burress, Sean Salisbury (we said average, not godawful) and Scott Zolak.

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