The Primer: 10 Slum Village Songs Everyone Should Know

09.18.14 3 years ago 15 Comments

The members of Slum Village must hate roller-coasters because their lives have been filled with more ups and downs than just about any other group in the industry.

Originally formed in Detroit as a three-man clique–consisting of T3, Baatin and rapper/producer Jay Dee, a.k.a. J Dilla–Slum Village saw breakout success with their personable approach to Hip-Hop and low-end-heavy jazz instrumentals. From there, shifty label situations and untimely departures from key members left the group in turmoil, despite a steady output of quality material and mass approval of added members like Elzhi and Young RJ. By the time founding members Dilla and Baatin respectively passed in 2006 and 2009, Slum looked quite different; however, their soulful standard is still in tact to this day.

To highlight the numerous peaks from this notorious Motor City crew, we present these ten Slum Village songs everyone should know.

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