The Today Show Is RAYCESS

07.17.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

Michael Vick is on a book tour promoting “Finally Free”, an autobiography in which he goes into detail about that thing he did. So far we know that Vick mentions in the book that he spent more time studying dogs than opposing defenses, to the surprise of no one. In another interview he claims he only did a book because he’s bored. That’s so Ookie.

Anyway, Vick’s arrest was huge national news, giving the book a potentially wider audience than just football fans. Even though Americans generally aren’t too keen on dogfighting, they do love them some stories of redemption. This morning, Ookie took his marketing push to the soccer moms with an appearance on “Today”, whose hosts and producers know zero about football, as evidenced by the time they chided Jets fans for not being happier to get a “great” quarterback like Tim Tebow. During the Vick segment, someone wanted to run some stock FOOTBAW PRACTICE footage while Ookie was chatting, except the producers ran a clip of Vince Young Jerrod Johnson (NOW WE’RE RAYCESS! EVERYONE IS RAYCESS!), who is not only not Michael Vick but not even a member of the Eagles anymore. Top form all around, guys.

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