The Truth Unfolds…

03.16.08 10 years ago 28 Comments

Calling Chuck Phillips anything less than “consumed” might be an understatement. While I can’t question or claim to know his motivation for continuously probing into the murders of Pac & B.I.G., I have to give him some credit as it would be due.

If you ask me if it will lead to anything, honestly, I’d have to say nope. I’m no detective but after a certain amount of time passes surely the stories get twisted/fabricated. Credible witnesses & evidence diminish right along with hope.

But as a fan of Tupac, hip-hop & Black life, I’d surely like to see something, even something small, happen. No matter where you were in life @ the time of the Quad Studios shooting, your experience with hip-hop has been dramatically changed because of it. Artists, admittedly or not, have taken on the more brazen characteristics of Pac. Shootings & beefs are a part of the culture now, played out in front of the media. And those same artists not only tell their stories to the media, but they play any and every incident up as a chance for press. Yes, things have changed due to one night in NYC nearly fifteen years ago.

In the end though, whatever these newfound revelations may be, they were probably said long ago by Pac, in interviews & in his music.

What if Tupac was right & telling the truth all this time? Don’t think so? See the “2 Of Amerika’s Most…” video below.

While we assumed it was boastful behavior & theatrics, what if it was indeed truth?

“’94 Shooting of Hip Hop Icon Tupac Shakur Explored by Chuck Phillps in LA Times Web Exclusive” [HipHopPress]

2Pac, Snoop Dogg – 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted (Uncensored) (Video)

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