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Six surefire ways to get lectured by internet commenters. I’ve taken the brunt of #4 many a time.  Did that sound dirty?  Good. [Uproxx Features]

PBS and the BBC are rebooting the Sherlock Holmes TV show.  Holmes will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch.  Seriously.  That’s his name.  Now I have to change my porn moniker. [InsideTV]

Shane Black is directing film adaptation of Doc Savage. [

Rob Zombie directed the episode of “CSI: Miami” airing next Monday, and Matt has an EXCLUSIVE story board from the opening scene. [WarmingGlow]

What superheroes look like after they retire. [Urlesque]

By Far the Coolest “Kung Fu” NES Mod Ever [Unreality]

Somebody invented a Wasabi Fire Alarm to wake up sleeping deaf people, make me crave sushi. [Geekologie]

Action Comics #1 (with the first appearance of Superman) sold for record-breaking $1 million. [ComicsAlliance]

Somebody called in to Leo Laporte’s show to ask why her internet won’t work.  It turns out she’s been stealing a neighbor’s wifi for 18 months and doesn’t understand why it stopped working. “I bought a Wi-Fi extender, but still, no luck.” [Urlesque]

Avatar Sets $200 Million IMAX Record.  Did you feel that?  It’s your game being changed. [InsideMovies]

VIDEO BELOW: Laurel and Hardy’s The Dark Knight [via THD]

[picture via fyeahdementia, probably]

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