They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin’

01.05.11 7 years ago 89 Comments

To quote flubby’s reaction to this: “What the what the what?” I don’t know, people. I don’t know.

I’m beginning to think that Tom Brady is some kind of genius super-troll. Not content with three Super Bowl wins and dumping pregnant Bridget Moynihan for Gisele Bundchen, Brady is dedicated to raising metaphorical middle fingers to anyone who has an opinion about who he should be or how he should act. That’s the only way any of this makes sense. Posing with the goat. Wearing the Yankees hat. Growing his hair out. Endorsing UGGs. And yeah, riding his son’s RAZR in Boston Common.

Why not, man? TOM BRADY AIN’T CARE. Tom Brady’s not gay, but he’ll make out with a dude just to piss you off. Tom Brady drops the N-word in YouTube videos. Tom Brady called Drew Brees’s baby ugly. Tom Brady beat 5chan twice this season.

Are you a stodgy sports columnist who thinks Brady’s endorsements distract him from football? Tom Brady will pose naked in PETA ads and win the next Super Bowl to spite you.

All we can do is try to ignore him.

(image via, thanks to Barry for the tip)

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