Thomas DeCoud As The Fresh Prince Plus Other NFL Player Halloween Costumes

11.01.12 5 years ago 37 Comments


Earlier this week, we put out our annual list of suggestions for NFL Halloween costumes. Once again, we’re shocked and appalled that none of our pointed and, in most cases, insulting costume suggestions were not heeded by players and coaches. That’s fine. We’re just the selfless people trying to help.

Some players got into the spirit of the holiday with memorable costumes of their own creation. Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud went as The Fresh Prince. If only he could be teammates with Bucs receiver Tiquan Underwood, there’d be someone to accompany him as Jazzy Jeff. Couple this with DeCoud playing the meow game on SportsCenter about a month ago, and I might have sound an Atlanta player I actually enjoy.

Others, well, they have their minds on other things.

In Ryan Clark’s defense, he did just suffer a concussion a few days ago.

A few others, after the jump.

Drew Brees took his family trick-or-treating as Iron Man. Couldn’t find a black teammate to join him as War Machine? That’s poor hustle, Breesus.


Jags kicker Josh Schobee was one of millions of people with a Bane costume. Shame he doesn’t play in Pittsburgh this season.

Kurt Warner donned an appropriately inoffensive disco-themed costume to do his weekly ranking of the quarterbacks on NFL Network on Halloween night. Nevertheless, some credit for embracing a pagan holiday and not going all Jeebus-y on everything. Plus, I like the mental image of Kurt Warner doing a line of coke off a reflective coffee table.


Rob Gronkowski taped an appearance for SportsNation in Master Chief suit. Oh no, Gronk is game jumping. If that were the case, he’d spend most of his time in the Leisure Suit Larry universe.


Not a player, but dare you deny Baby Ditka? You darest not. I bet a team of Baby Ditkas could beat Alabama. Oh snap! I took a stupid debate and made it even stupider. You’re welcome.

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