Video: Eminem & Lil Wayne Perform On SNL

12.20.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

Words by C. Paicely

It must be nice to leave the cage, then hit the stage alongside the most profitable rapper alive. It’s only an added bonus for Wayne that his performances with Em were so good, overshadowing another sh*tty Saturday night full of misused guest stars and Snooki references.

The duo started off with a fiery, up-tempo rendition of “No Love,” performance numero uno for the bully-crushing Haddaway sampler. Marshall’s clearly been itching to perform this one, showing way more stage chemistry with Wayne than we saw with Rihanna, or even Jay-Z, earlier this year. But maybe Weezy’s just that much more engaging as a performing artist.

The second act felt like a two-for-one special, with Em rifling off a couple of explosive verses from “Won’t Back Down,” sadly sans-Pink, before Wayne gave us an equally rock-fueled “6’7,” sadly sans-Cory Gunz. Regardless, SNL’s ratings probably benefited nicely from showcasing Hip Hop’s finest, and the rappers aided each other equally.

Eminem’s benefit: Wayne lit a fire under his drug-free ass, forcing him to go apeshit on stage like the good ol’ days.

Wayne’s benefit: Em was there. Period. Shady’s presence alone gave Wayne a much larger audience than SNL normally would have, making for a triumphant return to the network airwaves.

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