XV Feat. Kristina Rose – “U.F.C.” Video

10.29.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

If you were wondering what Vizzy and crew were doing in the A3C recap pics with their creeped-out clown masks, the answer can be found in “U.F.C.,” the latest visual from his album-like Zero Heroes. The kid with the green backpack threw on some bank-robber-garb and flailed around Chi-Town to scare the crap out of trick or treaters and reinforce the fact he indeed may be crazy.

While not exactly how I expected the heavy-hitting track to materialize visually, the shoot seems like it was both practical and a blast. And, if you’ve ever been on set for a music video, you’d know that very rarely do those three things coincide.

Make sure you download Zero Heroes to hear the rest of the verbal intercourse.

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