Witness Webbie Give The Greatest Funeral Speech Ever

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
06.25.12 20 Comments

When Lil Phat died tragically a few weeks ago at such a young age, common sense said we would get tribute songs, R.I.P. tees and more of the usual acknowledgments in his honor. But Jesus on high, what we couldn’t be mentally prepared for was Phat’s labelmate and Trill Ent. family’s most recognizable, Webbie, and the words Young Savage gave at the fallen rapper’s funeral service*. ATL Nightspots provided a “full” transcript but we suggest you listen first just to see how good your trill language translation skills are**.

The homie Dolewite summarized it best: “Somebody please memorize Webbie’s speech at Lil Phat’s funeral and recite it when I pass. I want to have a ratchet funeral.”

*It’s no “Webbie in Walmart” but it’s further proof that he’s rap’s Ozzy Osbourne.

**If you listen with a close ear, Lil Phat can be heard mumbling from the dead and asking “what the f*ck you say, dog?”

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