Week 1 Late Game Open Thread

09.09.12 5 years ago 605 Comments

Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers both went in the first round of the 2005 draft. Alex Smith went first, even though Rodgers is the better quarterback! WEIRD, Peter King says. Anyway, this is the NFC Championship Game we would have gotten last year if only the Giants hadn’t beaten Green Bay by many, many points via domination. Nevertheless, it’s a pivotal NFC showdown, provided the 49ers are actually gonna be good again this year. That seems more in doubt than whether the Packers will be, but then again, the Saints just owned by the Redskins.

Your 4 p.m. slate, according to the KSK rating system:

49ers at Packers ****
Seahawks at Cardinals **
Panthers at Buccaneers ***

Only three games? I guess that’s what happens when you have two Monday night games. Still, what a gyp.

As with the early game post, be sure to refresh as I get more GIFs, screenshots and videos up after the jump.

From the early game, but here’s Matt Stafford pulling a shoryuken after the late go-ahead TD throw.

Scott Chandler checks Rex Ryan on the sideline. HARD. “Ooh, the Bills wanna get chippy! Men, let’s talk bounties! I mean, UNSPECIFIC INCENTIVES!”

This just in: Jim Harbaugh is terrifying. I bet he screams at his children for not using military time.

David Akers’ record-tying 63-yard trick shot field goal, which was a delight.

Crossbar waves Dikembe Mutombo finger at Vernon Davis. TIGHT ENDS ARE HAVING A CELEBRATION CRISIS!

Top pic via AP

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