Will Brennan Feat. Lexi Kartel & Natalia Robles – “Bass” Video

07.10.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Every time an artist on the comeup asks what’s the best way to get a video circulating or their song heard, my answer is a simple one: bring the girls. No matter the circumstances, a little T&A can go a long way towards getting viewers to click play. Even though Will’s been featured around these parts on more than one occasion, the “Bass” video will be the one you click play on. Not only did he bring girls, Will snatched up “adult entertainment stars” Lexi Kartel and Natalia Robles to increase his odds*. Clearly, the clip’s NSFW unless you work at the local boom boom room.

The Andre Gitt Brown-produced cut is the lead single off Will’s upcoming project, Prodigal Son, hosted by the big homie DJ Burn One.

* – I have no idea how you maintain while filming with two adult film stars. Do you wear two jock straps or continuously think of your dead granny in between takes during the shooting?

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