The IRS Auctioned Off Most Of Young Buck’s Worldly Possessions

07.27.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

The IRS went through with their auction of Young Buck’s material possessions yesterday in Nashville, in an effort to collect back the almost $200K he owes them. The tax man offered up everything including platinum plaques, old jewelry (his 615 Cashville necklace appraised at $20K and sold for $12K), computer hard drives and “even a Louis Vuitton gun holster,” according to the news report. Click here for a full list of the items auctioned.

The auction netted approximately $53K which still leaves quite a lump sum of debt for Buck to clear and only more complicated since he’s still got that jail bid to serve beginning on August 19. Nasty money troubles partially out of the way, Buck’s seems to be keeping his eyes on the sparrow. No word on who exactly bought his name or if a deal was worked out for him to retain, but let’s assume he still has it. If so, he can get back to business after serving his bid.

Shoutout to the news channel for shouting out Buck’s upcoming mixtape, The Auction.

Cred: WSMV via Broken Cool

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