Wait, Who Won The Sprite Step Off?!?

02.22.10 8 years ago 94 Comments

Zeta Tau Alpha. That’s who. Haven’t heard of them? That’s because the sorority isn’t one of the historically black sororities you’ve come to know and love.

These young ladies are white. And they are the winners of the biggest step show in the country.

Let it marinate.

Ok, let’s continue.

As soon as they start, the crowd goes crazy partly (ok, mostly) out of shock that the group of white girls had a semblance of rhythm. But let’s not get it twisted: as someone who’s been a step captain for one group or another for the last six years, I can attest that ZTA put on a damn good show. Of course, I didn’t see the other groups, but they would have had to have done something pretty spectacular to have a gripe about the winners.

While watching the video, I kept thinking “when the music starts, it’s gonna fall apart.” Well, prepare to have your brain leak out of your skull at the eight minute mark. Mayhaps I underestimated them a tad. They’re from Arkansas too? Let me roll up on Mary Katherine Bentley or anyone else on this team. Things might get serious.

Congrats, Zeta Tau Alpha. You shook up the world!

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