ZOMG, Revis Called A Jerk A Jerk: KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

03.29.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

– ESPN had Darelle Revis and Gronk in-studio this week. A host had the two of them do word association, which is always death. Small consolation: they also got to break stuff. This led to ample awkwardness and Revis saying “jerk” when Bill Belichick’s name came up, which is perfectly reasonable and probably even a descriptor that the Grumblelord would self-ascribe. Yet horrible people are trying to make a big deal of it because of course they are. Even in the best of offseasons, there exists a seemingly limitless expanse of time where nothing is going on. ESPN knows pointless, trumped-up scandal is the easiest filler, so tWWL will try its hardest to fan this ember into a full-on sh*t show conflagration. This is why I need a five-month Waitmate prescription.

– In a predictably quality Spencer Hall piece, he takes the long view in looking at football’s inexorable march to being something probably less violent, but more honest in its presentation of violence. Oh, and hopefully not totally marginalized. There are also Bob Costas putdowns, which are always appreciated.

The Cowboys joined the Raiders and Browns as teams for which condemned felons have expressed their support before being lethally injected. Congrats! It’s no “I love my family. Potato, potato, potato” but generically phrased NFL fan cries are a very dignified way to shuffle off the coil of mortals.

Wait, it wasn’t this guy who was put down? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the system doesn’t work.

– Eric Winston still got a promotional flyer for luxury suite sales from the Texans, even though he was recently released by the team. This forced people to cry that the Texans sales office needs to update its mailing list, apparently unaware that sales teams never update mailing lists under any circumstance.

– Supposedly leaked photos of the Giants Super Bowl rings. Yep, they sure do look like rings.

– Donovan McNabb is a passive-aggressive dick, part 8 million.

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