We Simulated The NBA Playoffs In ‘NBA2K’ To See If We’re In For Another Cavs-Warriors Finals

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After one of the better NBA regular seasons in recent memory, the 2017 NBA Playoffs are finally upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited. Despite what some are calling a predictable first round – and I’d even take that a step further by claiming that most NBA pundits are expecting a Warriors vs. Cavaliers NBA Finals rematch – the journey to that point (if we even get to that point) includes a plethora of fascinating narratives.

Will the Cavaliers regret conceding the No. 1 seed in the East to the Boston Celtics? Who will win the MVP duel between the Rockets and the Thunder? Will Harden or Westbrook go on a miraculous postseason run that will make MVP voters look bad if the MVP loser takes his team all the way? We already know Paul George vs. LeBron James is an incredibly fun first round matchup. Or what about The Greek Freak? Once again, nobody is talking about the San Antonio Spurs – can Gregg Popovich do it again?

And even if things play out how Vegas and just about everyone else expects – a Warriors vs. Cavaliers NBA Finals rematch – who is going to complain about that? Last year’s NBA Finals was arguably one of the greatest of all-time. and another win over the Warriors super team gets LeBron one step closer to Michael Jordan and that GOAT status.

What does any of this have to do with a post that will ultimately boil down to an NBA 2K17 simulation of the 2017 NBA Playoffs? Not a great deal, admittedly, but it’s fun to point out what everyone is expecting to happen prior giving the wheel to NBA 2K, because if we’ve learned anything over the course of the last year giving NBA 2K the responsibility of predicting NBA outcomes, it’s to expect the unexpected.

We simulated the entire NBA season back in October, and that went off the rails in a hurry. We simulated the DeMarcus Cousins – Anthony Davis era in New Orleans a few months back, and that one was a disaster. We simulated the rest of LeBron James career, and let’s just say NBA 2K was not kind to King James. We even simulated multiple games of one-on-one between the greatest basketball player of all-time, LaVar Ball, and his subordinate, Michael Jordan. Okay, that last one went exactly how we expected, but still! NBA 2K likes to keep it fun. That’s the point.

Ok, that introduction is long enough. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

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