Cardi B Inspires Aidy Bryant To Speak Some Truth To The ‘SNL’ Cast With Some Odd Results

Cardi B dazzled with her performances on SNL this week, but it was far from the only thing she brought to the show. Not only did she surprise with an official confirmation that she’s pregnant, she also inspired one member of the SNL cast to speak her mind and spread some truth through the rest of the cast.

Aidy Bryant is no stranger to channeling popular artists on the show, using Demi Lovato to give Sarah Huckabee Sanders a little spotlight. But this time around it transcends just a musical style. Bryant adopts the attitude and gets empowered, even though the rest of the cast and host Chadwick Boseman are a bit confused by it all. There are also probably a few disturbed Instagram users out there.

It doesn’t work on Cardi B herself, though. Bryant meets up with her inspiration by the end of the sketch and wants to be best friends with the hip-hop queen. The feeling is not mutual and Bryant is quickly sent away to fetch some water, tossing some pretty relatable song ideas into the garbage and really ignoring the serious issues that stem from getting blisters on your feet. The price of fashion is high, but it shouldn’t cost an amputation at some point.

None of that matters, though. Aidy still thinks she is best friends with Cardi B and no one can tell her any different.

(Via SNL)