Kanye West’s Music Is Starting To Get Banned By Radio Stations After His Recent Comments


In light of his recent comments in support of Donald Trump and slavery, Kanye West is in some hot water with virtually every non-Republican. A bunch of his famous friends unfollowed him on Twitter, and he’s drawn more involved reactions from people like Questlove, Nipsey Hussle, John Legend, Frank Ocean, and TMZ’s Van Lathan. The backlash is even getting to the point now that you might not hear his music on the radio as much anymore, as stations are beginning to ban his music from their airwaves.

Morning duo BIGG and Shay Shay of Detroit’s 105.1 The Bounce just announced that at least for the time being, they will not be playing Kanye’s songs, or even songs he appears on. Shay Shay says he’s not sure when he’ll want to play Kanye’s music again, telling the Detroit Free Press, “That’s what it is right now. We need a break. I think it’s a gut feeling of when we’ll be able to feel comfortable playing it again, when we’ll want to hear it again, and more importantly, when will our listeners want to hear it again.”

BIGG says the duo decided on the ban, which they later convinced their program director to roll out station-wide, while playing Estelle’s “American Boy,” which features Kanye, on their show: “Shay Shay said, ‘You know, why do we gotta play this?’ I said, ‘I agree. It’s kind of weird after he made those statements.’” He added, “Kanye is one of the core artists in our format. [This is] a significant chunk of songs that we’ve played that we’re not going to play right now.”

Hot 97 also isn’t in love with Kanye at the moment (even though Kanye loves Ebro), as the station tweeted yesterday, “The boycott of Kanye West has begun.”

This isn’t the first time a radio station has turned its back on Kanye: Sacramento’s Hot 103.5 decided to ban Kanye after he ended his now-infamous show in the city after just three songs.