Kyle Is Working On A New Animated Series Called ‘Sugar & Toys’ With The Creators Of ‘The Boondocks’

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Ventura rapper Kyle — also known as SuperDuperKyle — is well-known for his animated live shows and music videos that mimic the cartoons of the ’90s, but soon he’ll get the chance to create his own animated show for real thanks to Fuse and the producers of shows like The Boondocks and Black Dynamite.

According to Deadline, Carl Jones and Brian Ash are creating “a wild new twist on the Saturday morning cartoons we all grew up with — but a whole lot less innocent.” The show is called Sugar & Toys, and will not only star Kyle, but be co-produced by him as well. The show will air on Fuse in 2019, and will feature a half-hour variety format sending up toy commercials and PSAs about social issues, all bookended by host segments featuring Kyle.

Kyle made his live action acting debut earlier this year with his Netflix movie The After Party. Meanwhile, he becomes one of the few rappers who also have animated shows of their own, a short list that also includes Tyler The Creator’s The Jellies. As far as his music goes, he’s been touring the US and Europe for his Lightspeed tour, and catching up with old collaborator Lil Yachty on “Hey Julie.” His 2018 debut album, Light Of Mine, also landed on Uproxx’s Best Of 2018 list.