A Viral Tweet About AirBnb Has People Roasting The Brand All Over Again

In 2023, there are a lot of reasons not to like Airbnb. What was once a unique way to experience your travel destination is now… kind of wack when compared to a good ‘ol hotel. Where did Airbnb go wrong? That’s easy, it’s the hosts. If you’re an Airbnb host, this might be hard for you to hear but: You. Are. All. Kinds. Of. Nuts.

We understand you’ve probably been burned by shitty guests in the past, but the fees, the rules, the random pop-ins, that ominous feeling you give off that makes it feel like you’re watching us — it’s turning the public off and driving us back into hotels because hotels know how to f*ck off and let us live without asking anything of us aside from cold hard cash.

We know your gripes, Airbnb hosts, but remember — “That’s what the money’s for!” If you can’t handle that… Maybe you weren’t cut out to be a mini-hotelier?

This conversation bubbled a number of times over the past year and people are having it again now, after a recent post by Twitter user and writer Jeremy Gordon — who fired off a tweet over the weekend that has since been viewed over 7 million times. That post has become a peg for people to roast the Airbnb brand (again).

Getting compared disfavorably to a Holiday Inn is not a good look, but Gordon has a point, with everything that the typical Airbnb stay requires of its “guests” the Holiday Inn, with its low prices and privacy, feels like a f*cking godsend. Airbnb clearly needs to revamp its whole model and if the brand is scratching its head over how to do that, we gathered up some of the best tweets in response to Gordon’s post that highlight everything the brand is doing wrong.