Get Ready, Amazon Is Bringing Whole Foods To Your Door


Amazon shook the grocery world last year when they bought out Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Since then, they’ve slashed prices during the holidays, streamlined inventory, added Whole Foods products to Amazon Fresh, and even opened up their own automated grocery store, Amazon Go. Now, Amazon is taking their Whole Foods acquisition one step further and offering free home delivery of Whole Foods’ groceries.

Amazon is rolling out the service for their Prime members in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Virginia Beach starting today. According to Amazon VP Stephenie Landry, “the vast majority” of Whole Foods’ inventory will be available for home delivery “though not every item.” You’ll be able to buy fresh meats, produce, seafood, flowers, and a lion’s share of the sundries, drinks, and dairy.

The service will be available from eight am until ten pm every day and delivered within a two-hour window. If you want those groceries in an hour, you’ll have to spend at least $35 and pay an extra $7.99 delivery fee.

Amazon has already seen success with their Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service. They cornered 18 percent of the entire grocery delivery market last month. So delivering Whole Foods makes sense since the majority of the infrastructure is already in place.

This may seem like a small test run since it’s only in four smaller market cities. However, Amazon has big plans to roll this out nationwide very soon. Per Landry, “we’re going to have a huge expansion ahead.”

Well, at least you won’t have to fight for a parking space outside Whole Foods anymore.

(Via USA Today)