Arby’s Beloved Venison Sandwich Is Going Nationwide Next Week

We all know that Arby’s has “the meats” but these last two sandwich options are wild. Literally.

If you’re a fan of deer hunting, you can soon take out the hard work and just drive up the road to your nearest Arby’s and order a venison sandwich with crispy onions and a pat of “juniper berry sauce” (cabernet steak sauce infused with juniper berries). The company debuted the sandwich last October to restaurants in five select hunting-centric states, and people flocked in numbers greater than those of the rapidly populating animal that provides the meat, selling out restaurants in a matter of hours.

Now, at the request from meat-lovers across the country, Arby’s will release the sandwich to restaurants nationwide October 21. Consumers will have to be quick if they want to trap a deer sandwich, though, because they will only be available as supplies last.

As if a venison sandwich didn’t already change the game (NOT SORRY!), the fast food chain will introduce an elk sandwich to three restaurants in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana the same day as the venison release. The sandwich features a tender elk steak topped with blackberry port steak sauce and crispy onions on a toasted specialty roll (so basically, the venison sammy with elk meat and blackberry instead of deer and juniper). Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana are popular elk-hunting states, and the reception is expected to be just as popular as the venison sandwich.

For those who are naturally very worried about Bambis all over the world losing their moms, it is noteworthy to mention that overpopulation of deer and elk have been hot button environmental issues for years, and there is a lot of debate about what to do about it. Making them a semi-regular part of a more mainstream diet isn’t going to be catastrophic.