Doctors In India Grew This Kid A New Nose On His Forehead

Do you ever think about the incredible stuff doctors do? For example, they use light and balloons to repair organs. As in, a real live person who is a doctor tested and discovered a way to use LIGHT and BALLOONS in your body! Most people don’t even dream of fixing a leak in their faucet, let alone a perforated organ with the most exciting birthday accessory. As crazy as balloon-organs sound, even crazier may be a nose grown on a kid’s forehead.

When 12-year-old Arun Patel lost his nose as a baby because of pneumonia, he turned to village doctors to repair the damage. Unfortunately, injections administered by inexperienced doctors caused the tissue where Patel’s nose had been to shrivel and die. More experienced surgeons were forced to get creative and decided on a process that would eventually result in a nose a few inches north of where it ordinarily grows.

Over the course of a year, Patel underwent several surgeries. First doctors expanded his forehead in order to make room for the new nose to grow. They also took cartilage from Patel’s chest to construct the nose. After three months, the new nose was removed and transplanted. Finally doctors repaired Patel’s forehead.

So while you struggle to get out of bed and brush your teeth, keep in mind there are doctors growing organs on the foreheads of children in India. If they can make it work, so can you!

(Via Elite Daily)