Aziz Ansari Eating His Way Through Italy Is All Of Us As A Celebrity

03.31.16 3 years ago

Six weeks ago, actor and comedian Aziz Ansari posted an Instagram of a pumpkin and prosciutto panini with the caption, “Living in Italy for a while so abandon my ‘gram if you don’t like photos of delicious food.” Since then, we’ve spent about 95 percent of our free time looking for coins under couch cushions and below the passenger seats of strangers’ cars so we too can live our best life in Italy.

As much as everyone wants to say that Ariana Grande replying to haters on Twitter with grammatical corrections is “them as a celebrity,” we’re pretty sure that’s crap. If you became rich and famous tomorrow, you wouldn’t immediately go through your direct messages and correct the haters, or at least we definitely wouldn’t.

The first thing we’d do is, we’ll pay off student loans of course and then GO TO ITALY AND EAT LIKE AZIZ! Aziz Ansari is the real hero of famous people. HE is all of us as a celebrity. According to his Instagram he has been treating himself to six blissful weeks of pasta, cheese, meats and cannolis and the only thing missing from his indulgent adventure (besides us) is “treat yoself” enthusiast Donna Meagle.

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