This Is Not A Drill: Flights To Bali Are Insanely Cheap


Bali — home to the majestic Mount Agung, beautiful and — sighInstagram-worthy black and white sand beaches, tranquil waterfalls and a near year-round temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit make it one of our favorite travel destinations on the planet. Surely photos of Bali’s various temples, like the Pura Taman Ayun, or the coral reefs that surround the island are enough to inspire you to place Bali on your own personal travel list. But why wait to actually visit?

Right now you can snag a roundtrip flight to Denpasar — Bali’s largest city — from LAX for as low as $483. With roundtrip flights typically ranging from $700-$1,700, this deal is an absolute steal, just think about what you could do with all that extra money. On one hand, yes you can spend it all in Bali for an unforgettable week of debauchery — or you could put it towards another trip and see the world! Either option sounds pretty dope, frankly.

The deal on the flights ranges from late October of this year, until the end of November and are sure to go fast, so if you’re reading this article a week after its posting date, you may be out of luck. Using ita Software’s Matrix Airfare Search, simply choose a travel date that appeals to you in the given travel-time window (I choose October 28th) and Matrix Airfare Search will present you with a calendar listing the available dates and their prices for a three, four, or five-night stay.

ita Software

Simply click on a date and price that appeals to you, and you’ll be transported to another page full of flight options with prices from competing for airlines, which include your full flight itinerary.

ita Software

The longer the stay, the cheaper the flight and from the time of my search it would appear that the cheapest flights are all in November. So think about this — Thanksgiving with the folks, or chilling in Bali? You decide. For now, check out some of the sights Bali has to offer.