We Tried To Invent A Starbucks Secret Menu Item And It Was A (Mild) Success

09.06.16 2 years ago

E.S. Huffman

Confession: I’ve covered nearly every Starbucks secret menu item for Uproxx — from the rainbow-colored drinks to the puppuccino, to the oatmeal latte — but I’ve never tried them for myself. The reason? I hate inconveniencing baristas. I don’t want to be that person. You know, the person who orders the non-fat-half-caf-soy-latte-with-three-pumps-of-toffee-nut-syrup (“But make sure you put them in after everything else, so the flavor can really seep down into it”).

Me, I’m simple. Give me a tall flat white, and I’ll be on my merry way. Until I found out about banana milk coffee. And I knew I had to get Starbucks to try and make it for me.

First, the deets on the drink: banana milk coffee, called “the next pumpkin spice latte” in a bold pronouncement by Eater, is a drink created by Brooklyn’s J+B Design & Cafe manager, Fumio Tashiro. Blending milk with bananas isn’t exactly a new thing — vegans laud the technique as a cheap, nutrient-packed alternative to other non-dairy milks. But Tashiro is the first to pour that banana milk — which he makes using a scant cup of milk, a bit of simple syrup, and an entire banana — over coffee.

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