Bartenders Tell Us What Spirits We Should Be Sipping All Summer Long

06.05.17 2 years ago

We’re only a few weeks away from the official start of summer. The rainy days of spring are over and it’s finally time to push some of your darker spirits to the back of the liquor cabinet in favor of lighter, summery potables. But, with the changing of the seasons you find yourself in a predicament. What spirits should you stock up on for sunny, summer drinking?

Lucky for you, we’ve called in some of the best bartenders in the country to help. We asked them to tell us what spirits you should be sipping all summer long and they didn’t disappoint. You’ll see some of the usual suspects as well as some spirits you might not be familiar with… yet. Now is the time! Get drinking!

SHOCHU — Alex Riddle, Roka Akor in San Francisco


“Shochu is my go-to summer spirit. It is light in flavor and has the ability to be combined with almost anything. The lower ABV makes it so you can enjoy more delightful refreshments. Shochu is great for infusing, which makes it the perfect vehicle for refreshing flavors like cucumber, mint, and citrus.”

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