The Best 4th Of July Travel Sales And Cheap Flights

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Summer travel can be expensive. Flights, hotels, car rentals, and packages all tend to be at their highest prices. That doesn’t mean you can’t find great deals during the summer but it does mean you can’t always get where you want when you want for cheap. Still, sales will always run during the holidays and we have a big holiday with big sales this week — the 4th of July.

Hotels, airlines, and tour groups are going to be putting everything on sale over the next couple of days. That means it’s time to set some alerts, do a little sleuthing, and pull the trigger on a great trip somewhere cool. The sweet spot is going to be July third and fourth with deals extending out about week around those dates. So, crack open a beer, fire up the grill, and get ready to score a great travel deal.

We’ve compiled some of the best deals right now below. These are the cheapest flights, sweetest hotel rates, and steepest travel package discounts online this week.