The BBQ Sauces You Need On Your Shelf, According To The Masses

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03.09.18 21 Comments


What makes a great BBQ sauce? This is a question for the ages. The combination of sweet, tangy, savory, smokey, and spicy brings a lot to the table when you’re grilling. But, tip the scales too far in any one direction and you’ll ruin a perfectly good backyard barbecue session.

Then there’s personal taste. Some of us love a fiery sauce to amp up those Scovilles and temp the devil with heat. For others, it’s the combination of molasses and tangy vinegar that charms us. Is the answer to what makes the best BBQ sauce somewhere in the middle? Or does heat trump tang? Or does sweet reign supreme as the defining factor in a great BBQ sauce?

Ranker wanted an answer to all these questions too. They polled their readers to find out who really makes the best BBQ sauce on the market. The masses voted and the results are … interesting. After over twenty-thousand votes, a lot of national brands surfaced alongside some very niche, local sauces — which are sure to ruffle some feathers in the world of BBQ.

Let’s dive in and see if your favorite sauce made the top ten.

10. Pappy’s Smokehouse Original

Pappy’s Smokehouse out in St. Louis makes the best Memphis style BBQ around. Memphis Style is all about the pit and the smoke with both dry rubs and wet rubs being used. So, it’s no wonder that Pappy’s has a great sauce on offer for BBQ fans.

Their sauce leans towards the tangy side with a nice peppery underpinning that makes it shine.

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