The Best Beers To Chase Down This March

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March is here. We’re knocking on spring’s door. That means there are a lot of great beers getting released as the sun starts to inch its way back to our lives.

Big beers with bright flavors are hitting the stage this month. Juicy fruit pale ales and big-bodied stouts are what you should be looking for right now. Throw in some nice funky sours and we have a great selection of beers to drink this month.

The beers listed below are great pickups right now. Some of them will take a little longer to hunt down, others will be in your corner liquor store. All of them are delicious. Either way, traveling for a great beer is always worth the effort.


Samuel Adams’ latest creation, New England Pale Ale, is a delicate brew with a big punch of tropical juice. There’s a nice balance of peach and mango and plenty of hop punch. A nice malty counterpoint comes in late to balance out the dank juice.

This is a super-drinkable beer that’ll be easy to get your hands on this month.


Moxie Gold IPA is a tribute IPA to Moxee, Washington, where the hops are grown. The beer celebrates farm-to-can brewing culture with a subtle and delicious brew.

The hops give this one a burst of lemon sunshine with hints of white pepper. Clover honey sweetness shines through a nice whiff of pine resin. This is a tasty can of suds that gives a nod to the folks growing the hops.

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