Brewers Tell Us Their Favorite Beers To Pair With Spicy Food

08.14.19 2 weeks ago


We love spicy food around these parts. From hot wings to nachos to sushi slathered in wasabi, we just can’t get enough heat. We won’t even consider eating a slice of pizza if there isn’t a pile of chili flakes on top. Tacos are hot sauce or GTFO.

But when you eat spicy food, you eventually need a respite from the heat. And while many say the key is to drink a cold glass of milk, we prefer beer. Good beer. That’s why we asked some of our favorite brewers to tell us their go-to beers to pair with spicy, lip numbing foods.

Check out all of their answers below!

Saugatuck Brewing Serrano Pepper Ale

John Stewart, general manager and director of brewing operations at Perrin Brewing

Saugatuck Brewing Serrano Pepper Ale is a great way to enhance a spicy food experience with a spicy brew. It’s a perfect way to turn a meal up to 11.

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