Our Staff Raves About Their Favorite Bourbons For Fall 2019

The quest for a great bourbon is an unending journey. There are well over 1,500 craft distilleries operating around America with 100 each in Washington, New York, and California. And just wait until you get to Kentucky and Tennessee — America’s de facto distillery home bases.

We dig the endless selection. The search is a hell of a lot of fun, after all. But as a result, we drink a lot of bourbon.

On the first day of autumn, we’re hyped to highlight some new-ish or lesser-known bourbon expressions to help you along on your own journey. These picks could be a little more esoteric, maybe a touch harder to find, or they might just be stone-cold favs that we’ve been meaning to stan for. Either way, let them inspire you the next time you hit the liquor store.

Because it’s bourbon season — time to get exploring.

Zach Johnston, Uproxx Writer-at-Large