The Best Bourbons For Every Stage Of Your 4th Of July Party

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Picking a single, definitive alcohol to serve at a party is a power move. It dials in the festivities to a specific mood and vibe. With the 4th of July coming up and multiple parties on your horizon (because it falls on a Thursday, Friday is off, and you only live once), we think bourbon is the right spirit to serve.

Bourbon is one of the most “American” spirits there is. It takes tried and true whiskey making methods from the British Isles and blends those techniques with American ingredients like corn and American oak. Throw in some rye, barely, and a few years of aging and you have a great sip of booze.

Since bourbon is about as American as it gets when it comes to whiskey, we thought we’d throw down a gauntlet of great bottles. These are the expressions to get you through a tasting over the course of a 4th of July party. These bourbons tell a story, move through the different styles around America, and will leave you and your guests ready to be wowed by the time the fireworks start to pop.