The Case For Seattle As The Coolest City In The Country

08.29.17 2 years ago 14 Comments
COOLEST CITY IN THE COUNTRY is a new series that argues for one of our favorite cities being crowned “coolest.”

Seattle is a great city, no doubt. Is it the best in the country? Well, that’s why we’re writing this — to cajole you into taking that stance (or to open ourselves to your mockery in the comments).

Here’s what’s not up for debate: The “Emerald City” is one of the nation’s cleanest metrops. It also draws a high-rankings for energy efficiency and strong adherence to better environmental standards. It’s unarguably progressive from a political standpoint. It’s beautiful, too — sitting on the calm Salish Sea, with an abundance of wildlife in literally every direction. This allows the average Seattleite the chance to unplug with ease — a habit that is crucial for citydwellers to maintain good physical, social, and mental health.

There are also matters of taste worth debating. The food and drink scene is incredible, but is it tops in food-obsessed Pacific Northwest? What about the art? The music? The style?

Let’s explore some of the facets of Seattle that we find interesting — the bits of the city that make it stand out.

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