The Best Expensive Bottles Of Champagne You Can Buy Today

Getty / Uproxx

Your first experience with champagne is a bit like your first experience with music. That inaugural sip stays will you and informs what you drink for the rest of your life. You’ll try more bottles but you’ll always find yourself gravitating back towards that first taste. Ain’t nothing like the old school, as the saying goes.

The seemingly simple concoction of grape juice, water, and yeast create an effervescent miracle in a bottle. There’s a dryness to champagne that balances a fleeting sweetness that goes straight to your head. At the end of the day, it really is just sparkling white wine — yet the Champagne region’s terroir (literal dirt and climate) adds an edge of uniqueness that cannot be replicated. It’s special, unique, and, yes, expensive.

When it comes to a bottle of champers, you’re paying for hyper-specific rows of grapes that are grown, sorted, and treated with the utmost care. The juice is then fermented, bottled, and stored in cellars. That last part is expensive and time-consuming which jacks up the price of the good stuff. So, what’s the best? Well, we’ve got your back. Below are the bottles we love and vouch for.