The Very Best Fast Food Tacos, According To The Masses

05.05.17 11 months ago 9 Comments
best fast food tacos


Tacos are f*cking great. And anything that awesome is going to attract a whole lot of hot takes about which is the absolute hands down, no doubt, I’ll-fight-you-in-a-battle-to-the-death-if-you-disagree-with-me best taco. Just the idea of a great taco hits so many pleasure centers of salty, crunchy, and sometimes cheesy goodness — how can you not love (and, by proxy, love arguing about) them?

So which chain has the best fast food taco? Well, the crew at Ranker asked their users to answer this tough conundrum. And what they came up with will surely raise some eyebrows, especially with a near upset almost taking the number one spot.

One thing’s for sure (Spoiler Alert) people love themselves some damn Taco Bell. We know, shocking.


The Macho Taco is just Del Tacos standard taco but giant, or Macho if you will. And, honestly, who doesn’t like a huge taco that only costs a couple bucks?

You know what night it is. #TacoNight

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