The Best Places To Eat When You’re Hungover, According To The Masses


Hangovers feel like an inevitable part of life. Sunday mornings, New Year’s Day, Black Fridays, fifth of July, those Thursday mornings when Wednesdays were just too much — we’ve all been there with a pounding head, dry mouth, and acid-filled stomach. A mighty hangover needs a comforting cure. Water, bacon, Netflix, naps, and more water are in order. Then you have to drag yourself somewhere to eat a big meal to let your body know everything is going to be okay.

We all have our go-to down-and-dirty fast food joints we crave when we’re hungover. So we popped over to Ranker to find out where the masses like to go when they’re feeling rusty. Turns out that the people like going where we like going. Greasy-spoon diners dominated, alongside national fast food chains.

We decided to take things a step further with this one and put in our favorite hungover order at each of these places just to help you along with your hangover — should you ever find yourself standing in a Taco Bell at eight AM on a Sunday with a pounding head. As you make your way down to the comments, we have to ask: What’s your go-to hangover food? Did the masses get it right this time around?