The Best Chain Restaurants In America, According To The Masses

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03.23.18 21 Comments


Chain restaurants dominate the American food experience. They’re cheap, fast, and filling. You can take your family or rock up solo and it’s always all good. You can get a decent burger, an okay plate of pasta, some “not half bad” tacos, and all the so-so fried chicken you could ever eat.

Slipped jabs aside, we do like the mega-chains enough to ask: What’s the best restaurant chain in America? Which group of restaurants truly stand above the rest? Is it the burger joints that dominate every interstate and town across this nation? Is it the chicken shacks? Or, maybe it’s the places slinging pizzas.

We went over to Ranker to find out which chain restaurants reign supreme. After over 130,000 votes, a top ten emerged with some shocking omissions and rankings. The most shocking is probably the fact that McDonald’s — the unquestioned leader of the chain restaurant movement — didn’t place in the top ten.

Could this be because of a confusion of the difference between “chain,” “fast food,” and “franchise”? Probably. But we can’t excuse the fact that none of these spots is a dyed-in-the-wool pizza joint. How could there be a top ten with no pizza? It’s insanity!

So we added a sub-category to give pizza some love.

10. Olive Garden

Olive Garden has a lot of fans out there. It’s fast Italian-American grub that a middle-class family can actually afford. Olive Garden also runs the roost when it comes great promotions and giveaways to their loyal customers. Who doesn’t want to live on all-you-can-eat pasta for months at a time?

Pizza served: Maybe. Their Meatball Pizza Bowl gets some credit.

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