Brewers Tell Us Their Favorite IPAs That They Don’t Make Themselves

05.17.19 1 month ago

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Even though it seems like lagers are popping up everywhere in the craft brewing world lately, there’s still no beating a hoppy, refreshing IPA on a sunny day. It also doesn’t matter how much drinkers complain about there being too many IPAs, we still continue to buy them. Whether it’s a classic West Coast IPA or a hazy New England-Style IPA, drinkers love the hop-fueled beer style (even if they do give you man boobs).

Brewers love IPAs too and, like us, they all have their favorites. Obviously, many make their own and drink them. But we asked some of our favorite brewers to tell us the best IPAs that they don’t make themselves. From Russian River to Creature Comforts, this list is double hopped with well-known, highly respected breweries.

Boulevard The Calling

Boulevard Brewing

Gordon Schuck, head brewer and co-founder of Funkwerks

What’s my favorite IPA I don’t make myself? There are so many good IPAs out there, but my favorite might be The Calling from Boulevard Brewing In Kansas City.

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