Power Ranking Mexico’s Lagers For Your Labor Day Weekend Brouhaha


Labor Day weekend has arrived, signaling the end of another summer. But wait! It’s time for one last weekend of bacchanalia in our backyards to toast a summer (hopefully) well spent. Or, maybe — with hurricane season ratcheting up and a heat wave engulfing the West Coast — we just need a drink to take the edge off. A light, easy, alcoholic drink. Enter the Mexican Lager.

Mexican macro beers are dominating the US market right now. Brands like Modelo and Dos Equis have seen 135 percent and 95 percent stateside growth respectively, over the last years. In fact, four of the ten fastest growing beer brands in the United States are from Mexico. And they’re not some frou-frou craft beers with too many hops and barrel aging (we all need a break sometimes). Nope. They’re old school Vienna Lagers and American Adjunct Lagers. These are easy beers at a good price that you can get pretty much anywhere — from a gas station to a grocery store to your corner 7-Eleven. Easy to drink. Easy to find. Refreshing. These are the perfect beers to cool down during a heat wave.

Chances are many of us are going to be making pit stops on the way home from work tonight to stock up our coolers and garage fridges with enough beer to make it to Tuesday. Chances are there’s going to be a can or bottle of Mexican beer tempting you on said beer run. Give into the temptation. Mexican lagers are a delight.

Ah, but which 30-rack for $19.99 deserves that coveted space in your cooler? That’s why we’re here! We’ve gone through and objectively ranked our favorite beers from south of the border (okay, there’s some subjectivity too). Are we right? Is there even such thing as “wrong” when it comes to light Mexican lagers?


Americans love them some light beer. So, let’s throw those light beer loving people a bone with Corona Light. Is this beer any good? Sure. Why not. It’s a 4.1 percent ABV light lager that goes down like a slightly alcoholic-minerally-carbonated-water (with an ever so slight corn husk and dry hay edge to the taste). There’s a mild metallic bitterness on the finish that may be due to the light shock from the clear bottle.

Note: It’s definitely better with a lime wedge.