All The Best National Fried Chicken Day Deals


Fried chicken ranks pretty high up the list of our favorite foods — some days it even beats out pizza — and ahead of National Fried Chicken Day, we collected all of the best deals to get you fed. So what makes fried chicken so great? Well for one, it’s fried. Anything fried tastes delicious. But it’s also a perfect summer food because it’s easy to eat with your hands, plate-free. This is important because the summertime is all about parties, and rocking a piece of chicken is just so much more manageable than walking around with a plate full of food.

You don’t want to be that person, futzing with a knife and fork at a pool party, only to slip on a puddle which causes you to crash into Jeanette, who now has beans, rice, and salsa all over her pants. Nope, don’t want to be that guy (again) so let’s just stick with fried chicken!

We wanted to get on a jump on the holiday weekend so we’ve got all the early deals for National Fried Chicken Day — July 6th — that we could find so far. Check later in the day for an updated list of all the deals, for now, things are looking pretty tasty at a few fast food favorites so let’s get into it.

Cracker Barrel — If you’re heading to a weekend party, grab a Southern Fried Chicken Picnic Box which consists of 12 pieces of fried chicken, two countrysides and buttermilk biscuits for $33.99 from Cracker Barrel. Is that a lot of chicken? Yes, but it’s also your ticket to becoming everyone’s favorite person at whatever party you’re attending.

Dog Haus — Dine in guests will be treated to big savings in store at Dog Haus with $5 Bad Mutha Cluckas all day long.

KFC — From July 4th to the 7th, KFC will be offering automatic free delivery on all app-based orders through GrubHub. If customers are ordering a 10, 12, or 16 piece bone-in meal, they’ll receive four Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits both in-store and through GrubHub orders, which we guess is SOMETHING. Though we expect a little more out of the colonel on f*cking National Chicken Day. What do Cinnabons have to do with chicken? Either way, we’ll take ‘em.

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant — Oh, best believe this is where I’ll be celebrating National Fried Chicken Day. Mrs. Knotts, the best theme park-related fried chicken restaurant, ever, will be offering 10% off from both Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant and Knott’s Chicken-To-Go shop all day long on Saturday. Virginia’s Gift Shop will be selling exclusive National Fried Chicken Day t-shirts and guests will have the opportunity to experience unique restaurant photo-ops.

Picture it now: you and Snoopy, with some delicious fried chicken — sounds like a party. Hit up Knott’s Berry Farm after your lunch and make a whole day out of it!

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen — Not explicitly a National Fried Chicken Day deal, Popeyes is currently selling $10 Bigger Boxes, which include either four pieces of bone-in chicken, or six tenders, two regular-sized sides, two biscuits, and two apple pies. Pro-tip: ditch the spicy style and order your chicken mild. Spicy is often dried out, and you can always add hot sauce which they have on hand.

Slim Chickens — It’s not slim pickings at Slim Chickens (sorry, I had to). All day long on Saturday, you can grab a Chick’s meal for just $5.99!