The Best Party Beers, According To The Masses

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A great party calls for a lot of easy-drinking beer. The best party beer is often a balance of the cheapest and most quaffable. Yes, it’s a great idea to have a few nice bottles of local craft on hand to wow your guests. But when it comes time to party, light lager is the play. It’s thin, easy to drink, and doesn’t cost a small fortune for a sixer, much less a case.

So what’s the best party beer to stock in your fridge or cooler at your next shindig? That’s hard to pin down. There are a lot of cheap options on the beer aisle these days.

To find an answer to this very important question, we polled the people. Over at Ranker, the masses have offered up 13,000 votes. Before we dive in a break this list down, know this: This is a list about having fun, getting tipsy with your crew, and not draining your bank account to do so. Are these the best beers in the whole-wide-world? No. This is all about good, cheap times. Let us know your go-to cheap beer in the comments!

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10. Budweiser

Budweiser feels like the right fit for a number ten seed. This is an American classic lager with a straw finish, mildly sweet demeanor, and easy-drinking five percent ABV. Plus, it’s about 75 cents a bottle (depending on local tax).

24 cans cost: $17.99

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