We Asked Travel Influencers Which Popular Destinations Live Up To The Hype

When it’s time to hit the road, you’ve got endless choices. There’s a great big world to see and plenty of travel destinations clamoring for your dollar. Still, even with literally all the options in the world, a certain few locales seem to pop up more often than others. Popular destinations are usually popular for very good reasons. That is… until mass tourism takes over and they get totally played out.

So which popular travel destinations are still worth your vacation time (and savings)? Which hyped towns and beloved beaches have weathered the storm of mass tourism?

We thought we’d ask our favorite traveler influencers and writers — people who are on the road right now — which hyped-up destinations actually deserve the buzz they get. There is a nuance here though. A lot of these spots are heavily touristed already and an influx of visitors can be hard on locals and ecosystems. That doesn’t mean you don’t get to go. Our advice is to travel wisely, think about the off-season (it’ll save you cash), and always ask yourself if “now” is the right time to see a certain place.