The Best Weed Products To Celebrate Pride And Support LGBTQI Causes

Queer communities and cannabis have had a long history together. It wouldn’t be possible to discuss the history of legal cannabis without mentioning Dennis Peron, also a gay rights activist, who is considered the “father of medical marijuana.” In 1993, Peron released an edibles cookbook with activist Brownie Mary. In 1996, he co-authored Proposition 215 in California — “The Compassionate Use Act” — in memory of his deceased partner, who used weed to manage pain from AIDS complications.

Peron died from lung cancer in 2018, just after the first adult-use dispensaries debuted in California, but his legacy (while complicated) lives on. Meanwhile, an increasing number of queer-run brands have entered the conversation — infusing queer identities into how they present their products. This Pride month (and beyond!), check out these Pride-related weed products which help celebrate how far the LGBTQI liberation movements have come and fund further progress in the march toward equality.

Mello Bottoms Suppositories

Courtesy of Mello

Price: $60

For the entire month of June, Mello will be donating 100% of proceeds from their popular sex product Mello Bottoms suppositories, to For the Gworls, a Black, trans-led collective that helps Black transgender people pay for their rent, gender-affirming surgeries, and smaller co-pays for medicine/doctor’s visits and travel assistance. Each limited-edition pack of Pride Mello Bottoms will also come with a pack of Pride-inspired stickers for sharing the love.

Bottom line:

Mello’s suppositories are CBD-only and contain 75-milligrams of the cannabinoid. They are good for relaxing the bottom half and dulling the pain that sometimes comes with sex, whether vaginal or anal. In the brand’s own words, it’s “better than poppers!”

Madame Munchie Macarons

Price: $20

Emerald Cup-winning, queer-owned Madame Munchie walks the walk when it comes to representation: her staff is made up entirely of women, some of whom are also queer. Besides supporting a queer-owned business, buying Madame Munchie macarons, madeleines, and other French-styled edibles will also get you some of the best cannabis-infused desserts on the market.

Bottom line:

Spring for the duo pack, which comes with two macarons at 40-mg each. The chocolate-coated macarons are a dream.

House of Saka: Saka Spark Mimosa

Price: $6.99

Just in time for pride month, House of Saka debuted their single-serve bottle of dealcoholized sparkling Chardonnay infused with the essences of orange blossom and nectarine, as well as 5-milligrams of organic, emulsified Mimosa strain-specific live resin.

House of Saka is a lesbian-owned luxury cannabis beverage brand that sources grapes from Napa Valley.

Bottom line:

For those who want to linger for longer than it takes to pop a gummy, this low-dose, 19-calorie infused drink is the perfect celebratory tipple. It’s not too strong and tastes just like a mimosa that’s heavier on the good stuff.

PAX Labs x LEUNE x Jetty for Pride

Courtesy of Pax Labs

Pax Labs x Leune Hot Honey pods for Pride

Price: $42

Limited on the market is the deliciously named (and tasting)‘Hot Honey’ PAX cartridge, which is made in combination with stylish cannabis company Leune. All net proceeds from this hybrid-strain cartridge will be donated to Equality California, the nation’s largest statewide LGBTQ+ organization.

Bottom line:

Also keep an eye out for the limited edition Reckless Rainbow PAX pod by Jetty. Proceeds benefit Equality California, as well.

Aster Farms’ Mimosa Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Aster Farms

Ludi Leiva-designed label for Aster Farms

Price: $10

In celebration of Pride this year, Lake County sun-grown cannabis growers Aster Farms asked LGBTQ+ queer Guatemalan-Slovak artist Ludi Leiva to design a label for the company’s popular one-gram Mimosa pre-rolled joint. All proceeds will be donated to a charity of Leiva’s choice.

Leiva’s work has been featured in The Smithsonian, Vogue, Planned Parenthood, OkCupid, Twitter, Refinery29, and more.

Bottom Line:

Aster Farms’ Mimosa gives a bright, euphoric high with a citrusy taste, making it one of the most appropriately named strains.

Sonder Space Crystals

Price: $9

Sonder is a wife-and-wife premium vape brand that recently released infused pop rocks, which is the ultimate party accessory, Pride or otherwise. They taste exactly as you remember them from childhood and are intended to be absorbed sublingually, which means they’ll dissolve in the mouth and hit faster. Each pouch contains 10-milligrams of THC.

Bottom line:

Whipping out a bag of weed-infused pop rocks is the ultimate party trick. For Pride, check out the Cheers Queers! flavor, in particular, which tastes of Champagne.

Lowell Herb Co. x Laganja Estranja for Pride

Courtesy of Lowell Herb Co.

Lowell Herb Co. Pride Packs

Price: $45

Lowell Herb Co. launched limited-edition Pride Packs for the month of June to raise funds for leading nonprofit organization, GLAAD, in the process teaming up with pro-cannabis activist and entertainer Laganja Estranja to promote it. Lowell has committed $1 from each Pride Pack sold to directly benefit GLAAD. The Pride Pack includes six premium, pre-rolled smokes featuring curated, effect-based blends, each containing 3.5 grams of flower.

Bottom line:

I like the Passionate pack, which is a hybrid good for carrying someone through a whole day of imbibing. For more Laganja Estranja, check out her brand new Pride and cannabis merch collection.

Stone Road Pre-Rolls

Claudia Marin for Stone Road

Price: $40 for a pre-roll pack

During June, queer-led pre-rolled joint company Stone Road will be donating 10% of all of its profits to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, an organization that pays bail to secure the safety and liberation of queer people in jails and immigrant facilities in the United States.

Bottom line:

Stone Road grows its cannabis on an off-grid sustainable farm in Nevada City, CA. The bud is good, whichever strain you choose, and it’s always moderately priced, especially considering its quality.