Halloween-Themed Weed Strains For A Haunted Smoke Session

Halloween is fast approaching, and since you’re not going to be attending any crazy costume parties this year (unless they’re on Zoom) you might as well stay home, get high, and snack on candy until your teeth fall out. But in order to keep your appetite cracking, you’re going to need some new in-season weed strains to smoke. Something to make the day feel festive.

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve decided to build this list entirely around spookily-named strains. If the name doesn’t conjure a nightmare, it’s not making the list — sorry to fans of Skywalker, Gelato, Green Crack, and Zookies, you won’t find those strains here. (For those, you’ll have to turn to one of our other lists, like this one about strains for horny people!)

While this is the first time we’ve ever built a weed strains list based solely around names — and not THC or CBD content — we’ve made sure to filter out the lesser strains to ensure this list meets the same quality standards as our others. Which is a fancy way of saying yes, these strains will still get you baked out of your f*cking mind.

Monster Cookies

Strain: Hybrid
THC: 18-20%
CBD: <1%

If you’re looking for a pungent strain packed with euphoria-producing THC, Monster Cookies is your bud. Expect frosted buds sticky to the touch with this Indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple for an earthy berry-tinged strain that’ll chill you out and ease your mind.

Bottom Line

Reserve this strain for late-night smoke sessions, not because Monster Cookies will put you in a couch-lock, but because relaxing will feel too good to want to move.

Alien OG

Strain: Hybrid
THC: 33%

Aliens are scary — enough said. This indica-dominant hybrid strain hails from the Bay Area and features Tahoe OG and Alien Kush genetics for a skunky and slightly sour strain that will knock you off your ass. With a whopping 33% THC, Alien OG will send even daily smokers into a sedated state, but the high here isn’t heavy and won’t make you feel weighed down.

Instead, you’ll find it to be tranquil and peaceful, perfect for exploring your own thoughts and taking in your surroundings.

Bottom Line

This strain will make you appreciative of the world, so feel free to vape it up at the end of a hike to ease your body and enjoy the view.

Ogre Berry

Strain: Indica
THC: 27.9

Another strong indica on the list, with Ogre Berry you’ll find dense buds with an abundance of orange hairs and a sticky gummy touch. Ogre Berry has a deep herbal scent with a peppery dry taste that’ll produce coughing fits if you have a preference for big hits.

Not the best smelling strain but it’ll chill you out and lift your mood after a long day.

Bottom Line

Stinky, sticky, powerful, Ogre Berry is best reserved for before bed smoke sessions or an empty schedule.

Jack the Ripper

Strain: Hybrid
THC: 17-20%

If you’re looking for an instant uplift for your mood, Jack the Ripper has got your back. Ironic that a strain named after a London serial killer would be known for its giggle-inducing high, but here we are. A sativa dominant hybrid, Jack the Ripper sports sticky trichome encrusted buds with flecks of purple and orange and a taste that mixes the woody earthy tones of pine and light tropical citrus.

Bottom Line

A great wake and bake strain, and perfect for murderin’!

We’re kidding, of course.

Vader OG

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Strain: Hybrid
THC: 22%

Darth Vader slaughtered numerous Jedi younglings in a single night, and while it’s hard not to think of him as the eyebrow-sporting crusty old white dude that is revealed to us in Return of the Jedi — newer cuts of the film have removed the eyebrows, hilarious — he’s a frightening force and one of the best movie villains of the last 100 years.

Our point is, he’s every bit as iconic a horror figure as Dracula, so he’s earned a spot on this list, even if cannabis companies aren’t legally allowed to use his full name.

So indica-dominant that you might as well call this one a straight-up indica, Vader OG has a gassy-diesel scent with a skunky flavor that will bring on a killer case of munchies and waves of lethargy as soon as you’ve burned through your first bowl.

Bottom Line

Get your munchies in place before you light up because this strain will knock you out.


Strain: Hybrid

I mean, come on. What’s a Halloween-themed weed list without an appearance from at least one of Universal’s classic monsters? Frankenstein is yet another indica-dominant hybrid strain with a burnt earthy scent and a lemon-tinged flavor with subtle sweet flowery notes.

It’s not the strongest strain on the list, and it’s certainly not the best tasting, but it’s inarguably the most Halloween-themed… so there’s that.

Bottom Line

A solid indica dominant strain with an interesting flavor.

Zombie Kush

Strain: Hybrid
THC: 20-25%

Closing out our list is this delicious tasting cross between Blackberry and OG Kush. Zombie Kush, despite a name that conjures rotting flesh, is surprisingly fragrant. Even a closed jar will emit a noticeable dank scent, so if you have cannabis-averse roommates, maybe skip out on this one.

If you don’t however, definitely try to pick up this indica-dominant hybrid strain if it’s available in your area. The dank scent is coupled with a woodsy floral flavor that is sure to make you feel one with nature. (Seriously, who’s in charge of naming strains?)

Bottom Line

A definite pick up if it’s available, Zombie Kush packs a powerful punch, a sense-igniting dank scent, and has deep flavors that’ll ease you into the ultimate state of relaxation.

Pine, woody, flowery, deep kush flavor, dank smell, peppery, cross between Blackberry and OG kush