A Factual Travel Guide To Bowling Green (KY) — Featuring Real History And Lots Of Bourbon

02.09.17 2 years ago

Kellyanne Conway has a tough gig. She’s the mouthpiece for a president who is notorious for being both temperamental and loose lipped. As a result, the former lawyer and pollster has become an everyday part of our lives (and a common meme) — from ‘alternative facts‘ to assault at the inauguration. Last week, we heard Conway refer to the Bowling Green Massacre to defend Drumpf’s ban of a select subset of Muslims entering the United States. It’s a fiction she’s used more than once.

The media was quick to pounce on Conway for toying with falsehoods to make a point. We all know she wasn’t talking about the Bowling Green Massacre of 1643 when Dutch illegal immigrants massacred 110 Lenape refugees fleeing war with the Mohicans. What she was referring to was a case where two Iraqi refugees who lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky attempted to send funds to an Al Qaeda cell back in Iraq.

They are now serving hard time in federal prisons — one of them a life sentence.

Anyhow. We thought we’d take a look at the real Bowling Green, Kentucky and find some non-alternative facts, otherwise known as real and tangible history and fun to be had in the quaint Americana burg just 60 miles north of the iconic music capital Nashville, Tennessee.

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