Brooklyn Will Soon Be Home To This ‘Breaking Bad’-Inspired Coffee Shop

02.16.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

An entrepreneur named Deniz Kosan is opening a “Breaking Bad-inspired” coffee shop in Brooklyn soon. Its most likely location will be in Williamsburg, the hipster mecca of New York, and will be called Walter’s Coffee Roasters.

According to Grub Street, this will be Kosan’s second Walter’s location. The first one is operating in Istanbul.

If it seems like the link between coffee and Breaking Bad is random, Kosan says the two are surprisingly related. In fact, he got the idea to open Walter’s Coffee Roasters after watching a scene in the third season about the chemistry inherent in a perfect cup of Joe.

“In addition, if you watch the TV show again and again for like the third time, you see hints and details you couldn’t see the first time, and there is a lot about coffee going on during the show,” says Kosan. The shop is not a Breaking Bad theme park, however. Kosan is a big fan of artisanal coffee-making, and plans to make the cafe all about that, rather than about show memorabilia.

For hints about what Walter’s will look like in Brooklyn, look at the shop’s Instagram feed. There will probably be small yellow cups (the same color as Walt and Jesse’s hazmat suits), with the W styled like an element from the periodic table like so.

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