The Buffalo Wild Wings Whiskey Might Actually Be A ‘Must Buy’ Bottle

Finding a special bottle of bourbon has never been easier. There are scores of refined, fascinating expressions on the market these days. We’re talking about “value” bottles, affordable bottles, indie bottles, splurges… we could go on. The category is expanding rapidly in multiple directions. Now it seems that the “brand collab” era of bourbon might be upon us — with a crossover bottle that almost sounds like a terrible idea but might actually be a little genius.

Buffalo Wild Wings (where they make some very solid chicken) has teamed up with Buffalo Trace Distillery (where they make superb bourbons) for a special release of Single Barrel Select Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

“This special batch of bourbon is rich and complex yet smooth and balanced in taste,” explains Buffalo Trace’s head distiller Harlan Wheatley in a short video. “Enjoy some the next time you visit Buffalo Wild Wings.”

The juice from in the bottle is a special bottling from single barrels hand-picked by Wheatley himself, who’s been winning awards for his whiskey prowess at Buffalo Trace for over two decades. And according to Forbes, the bottle will carry “an age statement of eight years” — a very solid level of aging for a bottle sold at a chain restaurant.

The roll-out — which is being called Buffalo Wild Wings Trace — is very limited. Only those lucky enough to live near a BWW in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, and California will be able to snag a bottle (or a dram or two at the bar) until supplies run out. After that, don’t be surprised if you see bottles show up on the secondary market with a sizeable price increase.

Wings lovers and bourbon aficionados are both famously passionate fanbases, after all.

(Via Forbes)