Bumble Will Soon Cater To Millennials Even More By Using Selfies To Verify Your Identity

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In an ever-growing sea of GPS-based dating apps, Bumble‘s female-friendly operations stand out. Since it’s debut in 2o14, the online service has tipped control toward women by requiring them to send the first message once a mutual attraction has been indicated; men can only respond after an initial greeting is received. Bumble is now taking its dedication to safety and cyber responsibility to the next level, introducing a new photo feature that will prompt users to verify their accounts by submitting selfies that incorporate specific gestures.

Launching next week, the confirmation process will first be required of those whose profiles have been flagged as fake — and they’ll have seven days to comply. Once the process begins, the app provides you an image containing a particular pose. You’re then prompted to mimic said pose in a selfie, which is reviewed by a third-party moderator to ensure you’re precisely who you say you are. The entire ordeal will reportedly take less than 60 seconds, which means your pursuit for real, authentic connection will only be put on hold for a minute.

Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe explains the new feature is being implemented due in large part to the app’s more noteworthy users, who are routinely flagged as imposters by discerning swipers. However, even non-famous nobodies like you and I will be subjected to the app’s elevated scrutiny; Wolfe says the update will affect all users within two weeks’ time. Get your duck face ready, selfies are now required to find the person who could be the love of your life.

(Via Mashable)